Troubleshooting Hints SignDoc for Adobe Reader

SignDoc for Adobe Reader: Troubleshooting Hints

This page contains hints for troubleshooting any problems which may occour with SignDoc for Adobe Reader

Note that SignDoc for Adobe Reader is also sometimes referrenced as SignDoc for Adobe Digital Signatures as it leverages Adobe Digital Signature technology.

Check if the following pre-requisites to install SignDoc for Adobe Reader are fufilled:

Windows Operating System: Your user account has administration rights

Adobe Reader XI: Potential Source of License Error


Adobe Reader XI: Disable Protected Mode before installing SignDoc for Adobe Reader in section "Security (Enhanced)" - see screenshot left

Define to use SignDoc for Adobe Reader as Default Signing Method


zoom image

Procedure in Adobe Reader XI:

Step 1: Go to Preferences > Signatures > Digital Signatures ("Creation & Apperance") and click more

Step 2: Select "SOFTPRO DigSig Security"  

Adobe Reader X: Potential Source of License Error


Procedure in Adobe Reader X:

Preference Settings > check if  "Protected Mode" is switched off