Wacom DTH-2242 & DTK-2241 21.5" Interactive Pen Displays

Big Screen Interactive Pen Displays - with and without touch input

Excellent Signature Capturing on XL HD Screens


Premium-level interactive pen displays. Plenty of space for many different usage scenarios. Especially useful for documents that must be filled in by hand, or where sketches must be added. Designed to streamline the electronic documents workflow within education, healthcare and business settings. Displays documents or forms in full HD - 1,920x1,080 (apect ratio 16:9).  

Wacom is offering two types of its Interactive Pen Displays with 21.5" screen

  • The DTK-2241 is the successor of the PL-2200
  • The DTH-2242 may be operated via touch as well

 Both interactive pen displays come with pen and digitizer technology that can distinct 1,024 levels of writing pressure. The technology in the PL-2200 can distinct 512 levels.


Approval of Wacom PL-2200 for Use in Public Sector

Bundesdruckerei produces a broad range of identity documents for many countries. The company is recognized as an important authority for trustworthy processes in the Public Sector. It publishes a list of devices recommened for trustworthy signature capturing for Germany’s eID card (“neuer Personalausweis”), passports, and other identity documents. This list ist distributed to German local authorities.

As part of the "PL-series" the Wacom PL-2200 Interactive Pen Display is listed as device approved for the production of applications for e-passports, identity cards, and e-travel documents in the digital application process "DIGANT".
Source: Bundesdruckerei - Recommendations for Digital Signature Tablets Application Procedures - February 15, 2013 

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