SignPlus Product Suite Manage and verify Signatures Enterprise-wide
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Holistic Product Suite for Financial Institutions. Enterprise-wide Signature Management, Handling of eForms, and Check Fraud Detection.

SignPlus is a product suite encompassing all possible elements of operational needs around customer signatures. A major advantage of SOFTPRO's signature verification suite is the completeness and flexibility of the standard SignPlus solution. This product suite is modular and allows combining the modules a bank needs for her individual operation. 

SignPlus is highly scalable from the minimum solution, consisting of data and images stored in a database for the purposes of on-demand look-up to the fully automatic verification of signatures and signing rules in real-time.

SignPlus Overview

SignPlus Main Modules zoom SignPlus Main Modules

SignPlus is organized in four main modules encompassing product suite components that share a common purpose. These main modules provide the 'core functionality'. All main modules also provide for optional sub-modules. SignBase Reference RepositorySignInfo Authorisation Documents ManagementSignCheck Exception Item ProcessingSignTeller Teller Verification and eForms Processing

These main modules focus on the different main tasks a customer's individual signature solution may be aimed at.

  • SignPlus Base Package and SignBase Reference Repository are mandatory to make the system work.
  • SignCheck and most of the sub modules of all three main modules are optional and can be selected by the customer to form the individual solution fitting to his business needs.