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Signature Solutions for Retailers

SOFTPRO works closely with solution providers in all kind of retail envrionments. They have integrated SOFTPRO E-Signing technology to support transactions where customers (and/or employees) must provide a signature. These transactions include EC debits, closure of cash accounts, provision of samples for test purposes, handling of returns and last, but not least, managing repair inquiries.

Sign to Pay - EC Debit

The main application in Germany for E-Signing in retail is EC debit ("Elektronisches Lastverfahren", ELV): The value of 12.9 per cent of all transactions in retail in 2013 and on third of all peyments were executed with direct debits triggered by signatures.

In this "sign to pay" process direct debits are authorized through digitized signatures, collected on signature capturing devices, primarily SignPads. This process offers a cheaper alternative to the Electronic Cash procedure of payment via PIN. 

  • The German SEPA accompanying act from April 9, 2013 specifies, that the existing ELV process definitely remains valid until February 1, 2016.
  • ELV may be used after February 1, 2016 when adapted to SEPA regulations. Handling ELV transactions via an EMV chip cards has already been proven as feasible in early 2013.

Find more in-depth information about this topic in the German section of our website.

Workflow Example

Signing without Paper at the Point of Sale

Putting an end to reams of paper at the checkout has never been easier. Several system integrators offer solutions containing SOFTPRO software and hardware for E-Signing

  • Following payment, the retailer’s copy of the receipt is saved electronically - no prints anymore.
  • Signatures are captured using digital ink on SignPads, Interactive Pen Displays or tablets like iPads.
  • Signature and receipt data are saved and encryptedand an integrity value is created.
  • After the transaction has been completed the electronic merchant receipt is archived centrally on a secure server.
  • The customer may receive a paper receipt as normal if requested.

Solutions with integrated SOFTPRO Signing Technology

Casyope: Casydemat

Höltl: Paperless POS

TeleCash: onlineArchive

TeleCash - Presentation - 4 Years Electronic Receipt Archive at IKEA

Digital Signing meets Digital Signature

The SignPad Color and Interactive Pen Displays are bringing digital signing and digital signage together. The latter can be used as a consultation tool too. They fit in high-quality PoS environments, in which large-format forms are displayed and must be signed. SignPad Color Interactive Pen Displays

Kiosks: Multitalents for Signing and Service

Many processes requires to capture personal data to fill out forms for to handle services in the retail business or genreate a subscription.

We recommed that you consider integrating devices which either come with a reader for identity documents and/or data on magnetic strips or you may attach such readers to the equipment of your service desk. They might be benfecial to support your process even more than a regular signature tablet. 

We suggest that you familiarize with onedevice in particular which is has Wacom's Penabled technology bulit-in and works smoothly with E-Signing software from SOFTPRO:
DESKO Tablet Kiosk

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The electronic receipt management service “onlineArchive” of SOFTPRO partner TeleCash was selected by readers of retail industry magazine "Handelsjournal" as "Top Product Retail 2012" and awarded Silver status in the category "Eco-Friendliness".
Partner Profile TeleCash Handelsjournal - Top Product Retail 2012 - Silver status Eco-Friendliness

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