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Signing on Tablets and Smartphones: SignDoc Mobile Apps for Android, iOS, Windows 8 & Windows RT

Clients for the Signature Server Solution SignDoc Web for displaying, filling and trustworthy signing document on mobile devices


Sign documents on tablets and smartphones in your organization for example to …

  • open accounts
  • finalize contracts
  • close deals
  • execute orders
  • trigger repairs
  • proof deliveries
  • confirm consent
  • approve services
  • agree to proposals
  • ... and much more ...

Designed for Professional Use

SignDoc Mobile was created for those intending to take signatures seriously and hence wanting to …

  • capture signatures with characteristics allowing a reliable authentication of a signer of a document
  • keep electronic forms and sensitive data within the secure IT environment of their own organization
  • create signed documents which anyone can check if their integrity is still valid

Key Features

SignDoc Mobile comes with a broad range of additional features, includingDocument Display- clean and crisp: optimized for presentation on tablets
Capture Biometric Characteristics - more reliable signature data than capturing signature images only
Time-stamped Photos- embedded as additional part of the Electronic Signature
Secure Processing- reliable and tamper-proofCompliant to E-Signature Laws- fulfilling regulations and providing evidence Compliant to Standards- ISO and other industry players Suitable for Authentication - in combination with data repositories

Solid Solution Basis: Signature Platform SignDoc Web


Capturing signatures on tabkets and smartphones is part of a global solution of managing signature data for most Softpro customers. Hence the client SignDoc Mobile is typically part of solution package and integrated in enterprise apps on basis of our server solution SignDoc Web and using our Software Development Kits. We invite you to famliarize with our Signature Platform SignDoc Web

Test SignDoc Mobile now

Familiarize with standard features of SignDoc Mobile when using the free apps for devices running on
Apple iOS Google AndroidMicrosoft Windows 8

Pro Version Features

Available now in SignDoc Mobile for Android, iOS and Windows

The “SignDoc Mobile Pro Version” is offering additional features for professional users is catering primarily for the needs of  small and medium businesses. It contains features like

  • Auto-insertion of own signer name in signature field
  • Signed documents contain no promotional insert (documents signed with the free version carry an insert promoting  the usage of SignDoc Mobile)

Additional features will become available in future releases. The “Pro Version” is activated via In-App Purchase.

Feature Overview

App - Security Certificate

SignDoc Mobile carries the quality test mark "Approved App". TÜV Saarland, a member of the German Technical Inspection Association Group, certifies safe and easy operation of the E-Signing application. 
Details about TÜV Certification 

App Introduction Video

1-2-3 and you're done

1 FILL forms with the vitual keyboard (e.g. contracts, policies, reports...)

2 SIGN documents directly on your mobile device
3 FILE documents in your corporate IT infrastructure and/or e-mail them to your customer

SignDoc Mobile for Android - Introduction Video

Legal Legitimacy

SignDoc Web is offering more robust evidential weight, compared to many other E-Signing Solutions. Documents esigned with SignDoc Web

  • Contain real electronic signatures for each individual which signs a document (not just a signed envelope as created by some other E-Signing solutions)
  • include more signal data from a handwritten signature than meets the eye: In addition to the visible static signature image characteristics include invisible dynamic (biometric) signals of the writing movement such as location, speed and acceleration (plus different level of writing pressures when signatures are captured on devices using electromagnetic resonance). Biometric Data is stored compliant to standard ISO/IEC 19794-7.
  • Receive an integrity value (hash value) and are saved compliant to standard for digital signatures in PDF files. If doubts about the integrity of a document arise, documents may be validated using Adobe Reader or other popular PDF viewers. Any tampering is easy to detect for everyone.
  • are completely self-contained: Recipients of the e-signed documents may check the audit trail, without having to access a specific validation service or proprietary software.

Electronic Signatures created with SignDoc possess inherent probative force. Their legitimacy can stand as evidence in court. Our Academy section of the website contains details about
Legal Aspects

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Typically SOFTPRO customers integrate SignDoc Mobile in their own apps. These apps are distributed exclusively to their employees. Several companies use SignDoc Mobile integrated in their apps.

Download free full functional demo versions of SignDoc Mobile now:
App Store: SignDoc Mobile for iPad Google Play: SignDoc Mobile for Android Tablets and SmartphonesWindows Store: SignDoc Mobile for Tablets running on Windows 8 and Windows RT
Get in touch with your SOFTPRO contact for details how your organization may integrate SignDoc Mobile too.

Note: The appropriate choice for Slate Tablets running on Windows 7 is SignDoc Desktop