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Signing Documents - SignDoc Desktop

Rich Client for E-Signing of all file types which can be called from a customer’s application - installs in minutes

SignDoc Desktop comes with a broad range of additional features, including 
Handling of all File Types - integrated conversion to PDF or TIFF prior to signingAttachments & Annotations- documents, sticky notes and scribblesPhotos & Images- as additional part of the electronic signature Digital Certificates - additional level of trust (optional)



Certified as "Citrix Ready"

Easy and fast to deploy

The label “Citrix Ready” was bestowed on SignDoc Desktop, representing SOFTPRO’s technological maturity and experience. Large organizations often rely on Citrix products like XenApp or XenDesktop to distribute software over the network. These app and desktop virtualization solutions transform desktops and applications into a secure on-demand service available to any user, anywhere, on any device.

SOFTPRO’s SignDoc Desktop can be published using XenApp or XenDesktop. This decreases Total Cost of Ownership by providing a central hub for installing, configuring and maintaining the software.

The tools necessary to connect signature capturing devices, like for example the SOFTPRO USB-2-Ethernet Software Adapter, have already been used since years by large organizations, primarily in the financial business.

Certified as "Approved Software"


Easy and safe to operate

TÜV Saarland, a member of the German Technical Inspection Association Group (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein, TÜV) confirms the easy and safe operation of SignDoc Desktop.

SignDoc was tested in conjunction with the signature tablet SignPad eSignio. The experts agree that users can be confident that the documents signed at a SignPad and stored in SignDoc be complete, detailed and processed in a secure manner.

The Electronic Signature - and the document associated with it - are protected against manipulation attempts and fundamental transmission errors have been systematically excluded.

tekit Consult Bonn GmbH is the organisation which executes tests for the approval of the TÜV as "Approved Software"

Legal Legitimacy

SignDoc Web is offering more robust evidential weight, compared to many other E-Signing Solutions. Documents esigned with SignDoc Web

  • Contain real electronic signatures for each individual which signs a document (not just a signed envelope as created by some other E-Signing solutions)
  • include more signal data from a handwritten signature than meets the eye: In addition to the visible static signature image characteristics include invisible dynamic (biometric) signals of the writing movement such as location, speed and acceleration (plus different level of writing pressures when signatures are captured on devices using electromagnetic resonance). Biometric Data is stored compliant to standard ISO/IEC 19794-7.
  • Receive an integrity value (hash value) and are saved compliant to standard for digital signatures in PDF files. If doubts about the integrity of a document arise, documents may be validated using Adobe Reader or other popular PDF viewers. Any tampering is easy to detect for everyone.
  • are completely self-contained: Recipients of the e-signed documents may check the audit trail, without having to access a specific validation service or proprietary software.

Electronic Signatures created with SignDoc possess inherent probative force. Their legitimacy can stand as evidence in court. Our Academy section of the website contains details about
Legal Aspects


Security Certificate - FIDUCIA IT AG

SignDoc Desktop meets the security requirements of Credit Unions

FIDUCIA IT AG - The largest IT service provider in Germany's cooperative financial institute association serving  credit unions (i.e. "Volksbanken" and "Raiffeisen" banks) has certified SignDoc Desktop as having fulfilled its stringent security guidelines. Several other IT service providers - whether based in Germany or abroad – rely on the recommendations of a security validation executed from Fiducia.

SignDoc Desktop was classified as safe to install and use on the Windows 7 workstation in the Fiducia-environment. The technical safety verification of third-party software was successfully completed for these application environments. Credit unions can enjoy the benefits of capturing and processing handwritten signatures without paper in a certified secure environment.

SOFTPRO's solution for the automatic comparison of signatures in paper based payment transactions - SignPlus - has also been certified via the same security validation since several years. Fiducia places value on careful security validation of all third-party software such as that received by SOFTPRO for obvious reasons: workstations in the banks can only be operated in a secure manner, if each component used at the workstation can be considered as secure.
Fiducia IT AG

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SignDoc Desktop is used in large-scale enterprises and in small and medium offices throughought the world in many industries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your SOFTPRO Contact for details about existing installations.

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