Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets running on Windows 8 Professional

Microsoft Surface Pro - Surface Pro 2 - Surface Pro 3

Tablet running on Windows 8 Professional



  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - 12.0" 2,160 × 1,440 (3:2) 216 dpi - 800 g (1.76 lb) *
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2 - 10.6" 1,920 × 1,080 (16:9) - 900 g (1.98 lb)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro - 10.6" 1,920 × 1,080 (16:9) - 903 g (1.99 lb)
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is expected to hit the shelves in the US in late June 2014 and in Europe by early September 2014.

Devices of the Microsoft Surface Pro series are equipped with pen and stylus technology based on Electromagnetic Resonance The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes with different technology than the intial Surface Pro and the Surface Pro 2.


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Microsoft Surface Pro 3: n-trig pen and digitizer technology ("DuoSense"). 256 levels of writing pressure may be captured. This pen requires a AAAA battery.      

Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 2: Wacom pen and digitizer technology "("feel"). 1,024 levels of writing pressure may captured. This pen requires no  battery.      

Natural Feel to Write & Capturing Reliable Data


Writing on the screen truly feels natural - like writing with wet ink on paper:

  • Immediate and precise display of digital ink on screen throughout the writing process.
  • The nib of the Microsoft Surface Pro Stylus is similar in its size to a nib of a traditional ink pen. (Styluses for touchscreens have large and soft nibs.)

The more accurate and diverse signals may be captured from a device throughout the signing procedure, the more significant the set of signature data for a particular signer.

Signature data captured when signing on Microsoft Surface Pro is significantly superior to data captured on touchscreen devices (e.g. Apple iPad): The capability to differentiate levels of writing pressure delivers significant data to support a highly reliable automatic comparison with reference signatures by software as well as comparison by handwriting experts.

The Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet contains a powerful Intel Core i5 Processor and runs on Windows 8 Professional. 

It runs Windows 7 desktop applications and integrates with existing enterprise management infrastructures. It is also designed for a very powerful performance of Microsoft Office.


World Premiere at CeBIT 2013: Trustworthy signing of documents on Microsoft Surface Pro with SOFTPRO E-Signing App SignDoc Mobile for Windows. The many finger prints on the screen clearly show that this Tablet PC may be operated with fingers. However signing on screen feels much more natural when using the stylus of course. 

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