SignInfo Signers' Information within full Documents
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SignInfo - Full-Page Image Processing in the Context of Authorisation Documents and Signature Cards

Full documents might be needed for branch or backoffice transactions as an add-on to single signatures or there might be only the need for full account cards instead of singled signatures.

SignInfo is the SignPlus main module for centralized authorisation-documents management on account and customer level. Convenient storage, presentation and processing of full documents. Account and signature cards, identification proof and residential documents are taken care of in appropriate customer or account context.

Authorisation related documents are typically in higher demand in banks transactions than the most other documents, which are savely kept in document archives. Quick access within the appropriate data model environment is more pressing then the typical archive benefits. SignInfo enables a bank to bring up such information and images in the transaction context where it is needed. SignInfo also allows for document management workflow integration for account opening forms or signature cards. This enables a workflow for signature and mandates management, which is directly tied into the bank's standard DMS environment.

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